Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Nuffnang Christmas

It was a rainy saturday afternoon, Im so excited since we would be visiting my kumadre (my youngest child godmother) along with couples of our close family friends. Janet would be giving us tutorial on web blogging.

As the training commence, I was suprised to know that all of them (my friends: Leila, Janet, Jhermie) has a NUFFNANG Account. I asked them what was it all about? They explained to me that Nuffnang was a blogger website, which is currently looking for all Australian bloggers, big and small, to join their growing Nuffnang blogger community.

Out of curiosity, I secrectly surf the net to learn more about Nuffnang Australia. I was thrilled when it turned out to be one of upcoming local blog ad network wherein "aussie" bloggers may reap a financial rewards from advertisements sold by Nuffnang. Its synergy centre on posting quality local advertisers on every blogs unlike any other blog ad networks, which are flooded with international ads and cost-per-click models.

I like Nuffnang because it encourages and supports healthy exchange of ideas over the net by managing the traffic. The sense of security it offers, promotes excellent prospect to advertisers in conveying their products accross the Australian markets. The perfect integration of blogs and advertisement is the primary objective of Nuffnang.

So, I had become a full pledge devotee of Nuffnang, too eager to partake on its Christmas Bonanza. And my wish to SANTA - don't forget to drop by and give me my Dell™ Inspiron™ Mini 9. Santa with your gift, I would be able to "blog" my day to my heart desire.

Hail all Aussie bloggers! Merry Christmas and a Prosperous Nuffnang New Year!

My Journey to Moonta Bay

Last November my husband celebrates his birthday and for a change, we decided to celebrate it to one of the famous holiday destination in South Australia, the Moonta Bay, along with our close family friends.

We were all excited. I woke up early in the morning to prepare the food and personal belongings that we would be bringing for the holiday. Early in that afternoon, my Kumpadre (godfather of my youngest daughter) rang my husband to inform us of the 3:00 PM rendezvous at KFC along Old Port Road.

As the clock struck 2:00 PM, my husband sounded the bell to get ready within 30 minutes. I panic. In my thought, it would take a super mother to dress up the children, packed things up and load all our bits and pieces in the car in such a short period. As often the case, we were late. We managed to hit the road around quarter to 3:00 PM. The funny thing was, one friend of ours phone us to confirm our location while giving a different meeting place. And so it was, we headed towards opposite direction and found out afterwards, we were at a wrong spot in a wrong time. Only after an hour, we managed to join the others. It was already quarter to 4:00 PM.

As we headed towards our holiday destination, my mother and I couldn’t help but to be dazed by the scenery. The trees and vegetations were totally different from my birth place, Philippines. There were even times I was mesmerised seeing plantations after plantations of vegetations filling the air with breath of nature at its best.
After two hours, we had finally reached Moonta Bay. All the physical fatigue and uncertainties slowly vanished as the breath of fresh air engulf our car whispering into my ear that the beach can’t be that far. As the vehicle came to a halt at Moonta Bay Caravan Park, every body was delighted. In my heart, I knew this holiday would be one of those perfect getaways. We spent two days in Moonta Bay, and every single minutes of it was a treasure moment.